Residential Services

We'll take care of the cleaning so you'll have time for the things you love!

Clean from floor to cieling

Cleaning Services


Options Available

Inside & Outside Windows
Ironing/Laundry Service
Window cleaning (Inside and Outside)
Carpet Cleaning

Attention to detail

Carpet Cleaning

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning available on request.


Cleaning the outside as well as the inside

Pressure Washing

Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Wall Sidings


General Cleaning services Include:

We Provide all Labor, material, equipment (including safety equipment), supervision, supplies and other incidentals necessary to perform the clean.

  1. Brush/Vacuum all surfaces including baseboards, trim, cabinets and ledges in order to remove any excess dust.
  2. All the above surfaces wiped down with Clean Green Product (Clean by Peroxy).
  3. Clean all fixtures, fittings and mirrors throughout the house.
  4. Clean Light fixtures and fans
  5. Wet wipe all wood shelving with Peroxy to ensure all surfaces are clean and sanitized.
  6. Clean and sanitize all restrooms, showers and tubs
  7. Wipe down bedrooms for removal of any dust or fingerprints
  8. Vacuum all floors including carpet areas
  9. Mop all other floor areas with micro-fiber mop heads, using peroxy in tiles but NO chemical on wood floors.
  10. Clean kitchen by wiping down all counter tops, outside kitchen cabinets and appliances.
  11. Blinds dusted
Spring Clean will include
  1. Inside Windows
  2. All Blinds thoroughly cleaned
  3. Trim, crown molding and door frames wiped down
  4. Kitchen cabinets scrubbed down
  5. Inside kitchen appliances cleaned